Noblesse - Dignite - Elegance (NDE Scotland)

Andescot is a Voluntary organisation working with Black and minority ethnic (BME) groups in Glasgow and throughout Scotland. We started off as a cultural association promoting cultural identity and community integration between people of different ethnic backgrounds in Glasgow. We also provide a platform via our events for people and groups of different culture and backgrounds to positively exchange and interact with a view to create better cohesion within our local communities. Our organisation grew over the years and recognised the need to widen our objectives and to embrace all BME groups in Scotland and local Scottish community groups. Amongst others, we work:

  • To promote community cohesion, integration and the respect for the rule of law in Glasgow and throughout Scotland
  • To promote the advancement of Education within BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) and wider community.
  • To prevent or relieve poverty through gifts and donations to disadvantaged communities of deprived areas of Cameroon – Africa.
  • To raise the profile of BME communities and encourage cross learning between Scottish and African communities.
  • To organise learning and exchange programmes in order to empower different communities with different cultures to get together and learn from each other.

We organise and promote activities with the sole purpose of providing public benefit and improving local communities in Glasgow and throughout Scotland

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